bit case

designed for Milwaukee Tool.


For this multi-disciplinary project I worked on a team of 6 which included industrial designers, graphic designers, and a packaging scientist.


We had frequent meetings with Milwaukee Tool to keep them informed and to receive feedback throughout the design processes.


Using our different skills and capability to work as a team we created a new package and case for their 45 piece bit-set.

initial sketches

Top left Sketch ended up being the idea we ran with.
I like to do quick sketches and move into prototyping and CAD relatively quickly. I use all these methods simoultanously to communicate information throughout projects.

cad work

My CAD contributions for this project included these three parts. I focused on the shells and outer appearance while a fellow designer created the inside shelving. We worked in tandem so we could create a final product that was ready for print.

3d printed working prototype

video sales pitch

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I’m currently seeking full-time employment and am available for relocation.

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